Digital Artist
Stefan Matthes
Animation "Our Nature"

(300p ≈ 142mb Download)

"Our Nature"

My contribution to the CINE CUBE AWARD 2018. Wanted were animations to show above the bar of the restaurant CUBE at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. A special challenge was represented by the requested resolution of 4096 x 300 pixel because of the unusual aspect ratio. The whole project was finished within 4 weeks in my spare time. I did not use prepared models but modeled, textured and animated everything from scratch. Primary software in use was Blender and Fusion.

3D Model Surgeonfish from different Angles
3D Model Surgeonfish
3D Models of Anemones, Shells and Starfish
Anemones, Shells and Starfish

To keep the render time of the overall 2880 frames of the underwater scene in check, effects like sun rays, oil or the murky water were not directly rendered in Cycles but added afterwards in Fusion. For illustration purposes the following images show one frame at different times in the pipeline:

Frame Underwater Our Nature Blender Viewport
Blender Viewport
Frame Underwater Our Nature Cycles Render
Rendered Scene in Blender Cycles
Frame Underwater Our Nature final Fusion Compositing
Final Scene after Compositing in Fusion